Index Chain

39.77 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 0
Volume 24h
$ 78,628
Total Supply
IDX is fork Zcoin, is Coin Hybrid with PoW / PoS / MN mining focused on privacy, security and anonymity. We are using SIGMA - DANDELION ++ - THOR - EXODUS - LELANTUS - POW X16RV2 - POS 3.0 - MASTERNODE technologies in the currency structure. . IndexChain has a range of technologies allowing the focus on anonymous transactions and shuffling transactions making the user anonymous on the network. Today, coins with this category and potential have only Monero, Dash, Pivx and Zcoin to be IndexChain's biggest competitors in the Crypto market. INDEX CHAIN is designed for user privacy, shielding transactions with anonymous designations while deploying industry leading encryption methods. Index Chain is a complete solution, providing users with a fully private, secure, fast and decentralized solution. Protect your assets and remove banks from the equation. Avoid paying large sums with truly private transactions!
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